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Report from Traffic Control

In 2011 I set up this site, intending to write regularly about my intended travels. Instead, my life rolled out changes I could not have imagined. Since 2011 I have witnessed my mother’s decline and death, “retired” from BkMk Press, embraced an identity as an elementary school paraeducator, traveled to Italy, Canada, Alaska, California, Florida, Nebraska, Pennsylvania, and numerous times to New York to visit my daughter Liz, who lived in Brooklyn for four legendary years.

What can I say? I need to scoop the cat litter, put away Christmas gifts, look for seven-year-old Sam, our ginger tabby who wandered away ten days ago (leaving Jerry, Tybbie, Patches, Tiger, and Miranda, his cat friends behind), find a woman a place to stay out of the cold, clean our house, reorganize my life, see friends… Thus, I stumble back to this blog I abandoned nearly seven years ago.

I sit with my coat buttoned and recycling bin poised to go out for pick-up this morning, typing a blog post in order to fulfill some need to return to writing, to creating, in the midst of my life’s chaos.

I could be writing my backlogged StoryWorth assignments, I could be drawing, painting, editing photos, but, Jerry the cat has settled in my lap, and I can type this on my phone with one index finger.

Next week, when we return to school schedules, this luxury of discretionary morning daylight time will have passed. For this moment, I check into this world of writers and remember my writing aspirations. Maybe I’ll be back before another seven years have swallowed me. I hope so! Meanwhile, thank you for reading, but the litter must be on its way.

Your friend,

A frazzled air-traffic controller in the congested transportation hub of my life!

This has been my travel report.

December 29, 2017

And, this is Sam before his recent travels—>


Opening a blog in preparation for traveling!

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